Beverly Hills


Livraison à domicile de Pizza, Burger, Sandwich - panini, Pâtes, Toute la nuit

  • 50 Avenue d'Enghien, 93800 Epinay Sur Seine
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    Absolutely a wonderful meal! Started off with an appetizer of octopus. It was very good with some blood orange citrus slices to clean your pallet. The I ordered the striped sea bass and it was done to perfection! Honestly, it was perhaps one of my most memorable meals of all time. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are anywhere near it. Also, interesting fact... The movie Pretty Woman was filmed here. It's a beautiful building.

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    Love this place . Beverly Wilshire is always gonna be somewhere super special and of course the bar from Pretty woman (in case you didn't know - yes that's the one ). This place is Beautiful in every meaning and as classy as it can get . Love their drinks - never disappointing . And their bar itself with a wide range of drink selections and the absolutely gorgeous bar counter w a light underneath. The service is super professional, nice and polite . The food also is delicious , try their options with truffles if you're a fan - won't be disappointed. Yes it is pricey - but again you get what you paid for . Cant look at this place like a regular lunch place and go with similar criticism. It's different league , different level . There is a high end with a combination of everything and there are places with good price /quality ratio . So does this place worth the price ? Yes for me ! Not regretting any cent spend here compared to what I get - super elegant and classy design , ambience , beauty , service and quality . Try yourself if it's within your budget and you won't regret